A downloadable game for Windows


The game is in alpha currently with a beta release planned for sometime in August 2016.

The demo which is available further down the page is rather bare right now. It will however continue to be updated with more content until I feel it becomes a sufficient representation of the game.

REKINDLE is a game about a person's journey through dangerous and dark dungeons.

It takes place in a universe in which every person's life force is tied to a flame contained inside of a magical lantern. Once a person's flame begins to fade death is surely around the corner. However there are rumors of a second chance, a chance to REKINDLE one's flame.


  • Changed game to 3/4 topdown perspective
  • Loads of art changes
  • Working (mostly) light sensors
  • Lightable objects (just torches for now)
  • Gates (as in doors not logic)
  • Lighting shader tweaks


  • Animate things (It will be pretty one day, I promise ;_;)
  • Shower...
  • Fix any bugs you find
  • More gameplay
  • Finish debug/tester ui
  • Work on LT/lantern life system
  • Sound
  • Refactor the code
  • Decrease build size
  • More art
  • Add the following abilities:
    • Illumine, Coruscation, Ignite, Fleet Ascetic


  • W - move up
  • A - move left
  • S - move down
  • D - move right
  • E - interact

CONTACT - rekindlegame@gmail.com

TWITTER - @GrandHamSabol

Download demo

REKINDLE_Demo_v0.03_x86.zip 12 MB


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The player feels a little bit too slow when moving.

Thanks for the feedback! I have since sped the player up a bit. I'm in the process of a major code overhaul and implementing the base player abilities. So, check back for some new stuff relatively soon!